NCJW MA focuses on progressive social justice reform.

We work to support laws to safeguard access to abortion, support gender equity, expand voting rights, and promote racial justice. Following the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam, we work to ensure that we all have the same rights, privileges, and freedoms.

access to abortion

Abortion Access

We believe pregnant people have a right to make deeply personal decisions about abortion, and our faith impels us to support them compassionately. NCJW MA works to bring Jewish values of equity and equality into conversations about abortion policy.

voting rights

Voting Rights

We believe that our government will be more representative when more of us can vote. Informed by Jewish values of fairness, NCJW MA works to ensure that no group is prevented from casting ballots on the basis of poverty, race, neighborhood, or gender. We are especially concerned about felon disenfranchisement.

social justice

Social Justice

Torah teaches us to care for the poor, the sick, the outcast, and the hungry. NCJW MA therefore takes special interest in policies concerning housing, schools, health care, prisons, policing, immigration, and nutrition.

Get Involved

NCJW MA believes that there is tremendous power in passing equitable legislation. We strive to keep our members informed about local and national issues and events, and we provide them with actionable steps to create change. By joining NCJW MA, members work together to encourage elected officials in the Commonwealth to view their decisions through the Jewish lens of tikkun olam: healing our broken world one action at a time. 

Make change happen!